The Entourage Wooden Vanity Tray


12.25" x 7" Lacquered Wood Tray
Decoupaged inner design with non-slip rubber feet
Food safe, hand wash

SKU: 32040

Customer Reviews

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Mikki Lohmann
Entourage Wooden Vanity Tray

I love this tray so much! I bought this one for a friend of mine as a house warming gift. I"ll be seeing her tomorrow and giving her the gift. I know she will be wild about it!

Darlene Odgers
Perfectly named

Love this tray....It was given to me as a gift, signifying our 5 friends 30+ years friendship. I have in turn slowly over the months have given each friend their own tray in remembrance of our gift friendship.

Jennifer And Baci
Entourage Tray

I bought this tray as a Christmas gift and it’s absolutely beautiful! I am planning on buying another one for myself!

Anne Claysmith
Birds Are the Best!

No matter who I gift with these trays and napkins they never fail to charm and bring total joy. I always order something for myself too!
As a bird-lover I really appreciate the authentic representations, plus the bit of whimsy.

cynthia kramer
beautiful tie

great trays