Winter Horses Gift-Boxed Mug


13.5oz Mug with matching decorative gift box
New Bone China
Dishwasher/Microwave safe

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Kathleen Healy
Coffee with horses

Love this mug! Thank you!!




Thank you for the second shipment to cover the first one thaw as never delivered. I have talk to the post office about it. No help. You have a great company. I enjoy the horse mug

Richard W. Bowers
Winter Horses

Winter Horses - I bought this one mug in 2019 because I loved it and and I love Western Art, specifically art from the Artist Beverly Doolittle and I loved holding this cup as I gazed at the many pieces of art I own by Miss Doolittle and in my mind I began to see a comparison as I would drink my coffee from this elegant mug. Went I began buying Christmas gifts for 2020, I thought I would begin with a Western Theme of gifts and I bought as many Winter Horse Mugs, coasters, napkins, plates, anything in the design of the Winter Horses and then I started adding Silver pieces of Cowboy Hats and that led to other things related to the Winter Horses because I loved them so much and that was the kick start of my gifting and then I was inspired to buy the Moose and Deer mugs from Paper Products and I didn't stop there, it was only the beginning of my Western Themed art Christmas. The Winter Horses are so elegant in design and made of bone China but I didn't stop there, I had only just begun my love with Paper Products Design and their offerings of so many unique pieces, mainly the Boxed Coffee mugs and actually it's a two fold gift, for you can use the boxes for artistic storage and whatever my mind decides to create with them. I've had a fabulous time with these bone China mugs and now I'm beginning to view the art in all of the mugs offered and I will eventually buy other mugs, not just for myself but for my family and Friends and the list is endless. I will eventually do collections and showcase them in hutches of distinction for my home - all thanks the the creative Artists of Paper Product Design. Kudos to these fabulous staff artists and my thank yous from the bottom of my heart. You've made me so very happy with the future products I have in mind. Indeed these creations are a Gold Mine to view and adore.

Judy Suplee

A friend gave me the Winter Horses mug several months ago. I liked it so much I decided to get one for my daughter for Christmas. We no longer have horses, but we still love them and I am sure she will be happy to receive this mug.