Wintry Owl gift-boxed mug


13.5 oz Mug with matching decorative gift box
New Bone China
Dishwasher/Microwave safe
Made in China

SKU: 28430

Customer Reviews

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Nathaniel Walker

I’ve been purchasing your coffee mugs from a local store. This is the first time I ordered from your website. Very easy to do and so many to choose from.

Ann Wanner


Cheryl Taylor

I don’t have my shipment yet but I’m being asked to review. I am concerned now where my shipment is.

And I will be returning the mugs I ordered with the dark winter tree designs on them because they are very poorly coloured.

I’ve bought these mugs as gifts for my family for years and while the printing on their mugs is still bold Despite numerous dish washes, the blacks/browns on my mugs are a horrible mix of thin purple/pinks and the animals lack clarity.

I am so disappointed and am hoping a better quality print run is done sometime soon for this particular family of mugs so I might re-purchase the quality item I’ve known for years for myself.

Lynn Mays

I love the beautiful designs of your mugs!

Kathleen Foley
Love it

I own several ppd mugs and was so happy to recieve this one. I love that the artwork is not overtly Christmas so I will use it all winter long. The quality of the mug is outstanding, I love the size of it; it's nice not to have to keep refilling it every few sips.